New Peak Records website

30th March 2007

Yes, its true... after many shameful years of being internetically challenged, Peak Records has finally admitted defeat & sought expert help.

Ask and the universe shall provide... in the strange shape of DJ Apex (Peak Rec) a.k.a. Timmy, whose knowledge of the intricacies of web wizardry knoweth no bounds.

Fast forward through many weeks of grueling labour (mainly on Apex's end, as our contributions were unfortunately limited to "ummmm, yeah.... wow... its really cool man... do you think we can, like, make it more purple?" due to our lack of technical background) and we proudly present you with our new, improved & smoothed Peak Records website.

Feel free to browse around, add comments or suggestions in our guestbook, or simply sit & stare at the groovy graphics.

Love & light

Peak Records

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