AJJA's new album TULPA out today!

9th March 2012

 Ajja Tulpa Cover


We are proud and happy to present AJJA ’s new psytrance album “TULPA ”, the eagerly anticipated follow-up to his highly praised debut “Psychogenica”.

Featuring ten finely tuned, multi-layered slices of psychedelia, “TULPA” is powered by pure and undeniable grooves. These throbbing trance-floor ticklers will keep your body dancing, while your head enjoys a joyful journey through the internal landscapes of AJJA’s mind.

True to AJJA’s trademark flawless production that has made his music a fixture on dancefloors around the globe, “TULPA” offers a rare glimpse into the inner dialogues of a genuine psytrance lover.

Bursting with squidgy synths, intricate rhythms, mind-bending breakdowns, unbelievable psychoacoustic effects, and seriously chunky bass, “TULPA” will pull you into its world, take you out, and show you a good time.

“TULPA”, roughly translated as “Thoughtform”, is the Tibetan term for a magically produced illusion or creation... Let yourself be dazzled and entranced by AJJA’s latest manifestation and get your groove on!


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