MASTER MARGHERITA's "Hippies with Gadgets" OUT TODAY!

22nd May 2009

PR017 cover
HIPPIE (noun) - a person of unconventional appearance typically having long hair
and wearing beads,  associated with a subculture involving a rejection
of conventional values and the taking of hallucinogenic drugs
GADGET (noun) - a small mechanical device or tool
We are happy and proud to present “HIPPIES WITH GADGETS” the eagerly awaited new album from gifted ambient & chill whiz MASTER MARGHERITA .

“HIPPIES WITH GADGETS” is an eclectic ‘round-the-world journey into the depth of electronic downbeat that stretches across genres and perfectly illustrates MASTER MARGHERITA’s “free-thinking” composition style.
A splendid collection of eleven enthralling jewels, “HIPPIES WITH GADGETS” is a skillful and versatile album that will soothe, smooth, tickle and groove!

Featuring collaborations with Atriohm, Mauxuam, Ajja, Noodreem, Kodama Wat & more! 
Sit back & enjoy!
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