It's peakmas time!

24th December 2007

Peakers of the world...it's time to wrap up another year!

Bathed in winter solstice light & full moon shine, we are grateful for your fidelity and love of psychedelic sounds!

We wish you a merry christmas and hope your 2008 will be filled with joy, serenity, dancing feet, grooving souls & more psychedelism!

The Peak new year will once again bring quality psytrance & chill into your life!

The dances will start on January 25 with the release of "Peak-a-Doodle-Doo ", a night-time collection compiled by  Dj Apex and graced by the presence of talented artists from around the globe.

February will be dedicated to slow dancing! Our chill master of ceremonies Master Margherita has concocted "Tranchillizer", a compilation of down-tempo herbal remedies that will soothe your body, mind & soul!

Happy holidays & Peak On!



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