Drumatik is Benjamin Klingemann, born in 1980 he's one of Switzerland's well established dj's for more than ten years now playing for the respected labels peak records and mind expansion...!!!

He has been spreading the finest psy trance tunes rocking dancefloors around the world and playing his own creations as a live act gaining a growing number of followers. His music can be described as futuristic without any compromise ...

The half-German, half-American musician and producer has been attracted to rhythm and music ever since he can remember. His first drum kit at the age of three marked the practical beginning of a life-long passion. Rythm ;)...As a teenager, he perfected his play at the conservatory and these days he still plays in a rock band for the pleasure :)  He works as a manager in a music shop, that allows him to be stay in touch with the latest technologies in a professional setting.

At the end of the nineties, Benjamin discovered electronic music and began to dj in raves. Shortly afterwards, he was introduced into the parallel universe of psychedelic trance, where he was instantly attracted both to the evolution of new sounds and the richness of the psy-culture. He was hooked! The next few years saw Benjamin a.k.a. Dj Drumatik, spinning the decks at a growing number of parties and festivals in Switzerland and Europe. The next natural steps were a computer, a studio and the need to go further and produce his own sound with the help of his solid rhythmic background. At the beginning of 2004, the DRUMATIK project was born!
His first album experience "Peak Process" was released on Peak Records in 2006 as several releases on compilations !

Tracks on
08/08/2013 - Ozora Festival - Hungary
06/07/2013 - Existence Festival - Finland
05/04/2013 - Transahara Festival - Morroco
01/03/2013 - Aniversario Ashkari Project - Barcelona, Spain
23/02/2013 - Pachamama Dance - Munich, Germany
16/02/2013 - Mystical Waves - Winter Festival - Czech Republic
13/07/2012 - Antaris Project - near Berlin, Germany
19/07/2010 - Drumatik US tour
26/02/2010 - Secret Ingredient - Berlin, Germany
23/01/2010 - Flocodelic party Ludwigslust - near Berlin, Germany
21/02/2009 - Frequency Shift - tba, London
12/07/2008 - Full Moon festival
24/11/2007 - Orgy X - Les Docks, Lausanne, Switzerland
01/09/2007 - tba
25/08/2007 - Forgotten Ritual - Switzerland
04/08/2007 - The Psychedelic Ceilidh - Scotland
21/07/2007 - Mountanarchy Festival II - Ticino mountains, Switzerland
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